17 October 2009

Selling Something? Use A Kitten.

It amazes me that, with all the charming and unique animals we have the privilege to care for at Tuppinz Farm, the most popular by far has been the kitten we found under Jeff's tractor, Nellie, when we went to pick her up.

The video of little Yoda on YouTube has been viewed over forty thousand times.

It seems to me that advertisers who use sexy models to promote their wares are seriously missing the mark. If manufacturers are smart, you will see lots of commercials featuring tiny kittens during the Superbowl this year.

Did you see what Steve Leveen, president of my beloved Levenger, tweeted today?

SteveLeveen Tip to shoppers this season: retailers have cut inventory to the bone. Buy early from wherever you shop.

Knitters, you have been given fair warning!

To prepare for any global yarn shortages, I made a quick trip to Yellow Dog Knitting before the holiday rush (and winter road slush!) It was a successful Stash Enhancement eXpedition (subliminal, that phrase.)

You may laugh now, but when I am enjoying the luxury of full yarn bins while others are shoving each other out of the way of picked-over LYS shelves like so many Babushkas in pre-Perestroika GUM, who will be sorry then? (If you can't make it out this week, Yellow Dog Knitting ships for a very reasonable cost!)

So, let's see what we have here...

Trendsetter Tonalita (soft!) for a (soft!) similar-to-Noro (except soft!) take on the Brooklyn Tweed Scarf.

Drops Angora Tweed for a cowl. Word on the street is that Miss Michelle is going to be making a lovely cardigan out of this yarn also.

An assortement of Drops Alpaca and Drops Classic Alpaca (a little heavier weight) yarns for shawlettes and cowls.

Some Fabel Superwash for socks, cowls, and Baktus scarves. I am SO darn addicted to the Baktus pattern! It is just the greatest thing for a mind that needs some Zen time.

And some Karisma Superwash (love this stuff!) for Nordic socks. Which do you like, this, this, or this? All three are so cute, I may have to run back for a few more balls of Karisma; there was some lovely lime green, some red, and a gorgeous deep blue... Hey, since we're not having carpeting in the new house, I'm going to need lots of cozy socks!

I left with a very funny Yellow Dog Knitting tote, which made its hilarious debut at Sock Summit:

I have another of these totes from a previous YDK S.E.X., so... if you would like the chance to win one, just leave a comment below before I make my next blog entry! (And you never, ever know when that might be!)

Funny, seen on PolitiFact.com - we could all use a little healthcare humor about now. Go ahead, lighten up and laugh. It's healthy for you.

In a recent post I'd mentioned I've been into the color orange lately. The lovely Carrie wrote:

Hey, have you seen the website called How About Orange? http://howaboutorange.blogspot.com
It's a design/craft website.

Very cool site, Carrie - thanks for sharing!

I leave you with a view of Miss PaddlePaws (Otter) enjoying a lovely fall afternoon in front of the fire...

Looks to me like she has the right idea.


Denise said...

I vote for DROPS number 116-54, though in truth it would be hard to go wrong with any one of them. Looks like you're well set to weather the Yarn Famine of '09! LOL

Lael said...
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Lael said...
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Lael said...

Up at 6:00 this morning - very out of character for me on a Sunday, but Larry and Nicholas are off to Lambeau to see the Packer/Lion game, so I got up to make sure that Nicholas had plenty of warm clothes - I think I may take a hint from Miss PaddlePaws and go back to bed for an hour or two - still plenty of time then to feed all the sheep and be back in front of the TV with lunch and a hot cup of coffee for kick-off. Should I knit or spin while I watch? Decisions, decisions! Your YDK S.E.X. makes me think maybe knit?!?!

mlanezoo said...

What? No Extra Fine Merino in that lot? Shocking! I just LOVE the stuff.

Thanks for giving us the opportunity to OOH and AHH over your stash! However, as I'm sure you intended, I now want to head to YDK asap for a stash boosting run!!

P.S. I'm making my cardigan out of Silky Alpaca...the stuff with the "worm spit" (as Dianne so delicately put it). :)

mlanezoo said...

All of those socks are wonderful, but my favorite is U563. It is absolutely stunning!!

Linda M said...

It is great that you are back on line. I so enjoy your stories and your knitting.

Stasia said...

Michelle, I missed the Merino Extra Fine! Shoot!

I stand corrected: Michelle's sweater will be made out of this! I think you ordered in a new color tho, 'Chelle? What is it? This is going to look great on you... AND expand your crocheting skills - woo hoo!

Stasia said...

Thanks so much, Linda!

quiltparalegal said...

I vote for sock 116-54

hbacmama on ravelry said...

I vote for more S.E.X and make all three socks. snickers.
And Miss PaddlePaws has a twin up here in my home who is happily flopped beside me at the moment. He is a Wisconsonite in his own right. Yes, I have an American dog! ;-) His former owner is in Kiel.
Crosses fingers and toes for the tote bag. Don't suppose any of those balls of yarn accidentally get left behind eh?
Yeah, didn't think so either.
off to sulk.

mlanezoo said...

Yeah, I think Dixie said the color I chose is new. It is a dusky rose (pink)...and isn't on her website. I'll have to post photos on my blog when I get it.

Dianne and I will be starting our class for that cardigan next Saturday...if you wanna come hang out with us!

I'll be expanding my stash at that time as well (my Merino is running low). :)

Denise said...

Michelle's jacket pattern is gorgeous! Thanks for posting the link, Stas. I'd rush to order it, too, except it would be unwise to draw that much attention to my bum... LOL

ciuccia (on rav) said...

I like Pattern no U-564- they look of so cozy (and perfect for hard floors and chilly winters)

Great to see you posting- i always enjoy reading about your activities.

thecrazysheeplady said...

Very fun and that kitten is too darn cute!!!

Jen said...

I love the Trendsetter Tonalita colors. Thanks for the yarn substitution idea!

BClark said...

Miss Otter looks like our Charlie Brown, who is dozing on the window seat in the sun. He is the dog who chose us, no matter how often his owner came to claim him Charlie would return. Finally the owner realized it was hopeless and gave him to us.