27 February 2007

Feed The Birds, Tuppinz A Bag...

Folks often ask why we named our new place "Tuppinz Farm". Fact is, it's a malapropism for "tuppence" (twopence) from the "Feed The Birds" song in the movie "Mary Poppins".

When looking for a new job, Jeff would jokingly say he wanted to go out and "get tuppinz" for us. For ages, he thought that's how the word was actually spelled. I believe he thought it meant birdseed...

The lyrics of the song extol the virtues of providing for others.

My British friend Pamela, familiar with J's job and new home search, his quote, and our love for those furry and feathered, suggested the name "Tuppinz Farm" when we purchased our new (old) farm.

Pamela sent Jeff a congratulatory copper twopenny piece, and thus Tuppinz Farm was christened.

There's an interesting anecdote about Walt Disney's love for the song here.

We just got a fairly heavy snowstorm. You can still see the grass in areas, but on sections of the roads near here, the drifts were higher than the snowplows, which had to practically tunnel through.

I'm enjoying the peace and quiet now that the winds have died down.

On The Fiber Front

Inspired by this, seen again here, and this, more of which can be seen here, I started something new.

I don't know who said it first, the Mason-Dixon gals or Kaffe Fassett, but one is supposed to be able to combine any colors, cool and warm, if one leaves out black, white, primaries and pastels.

I think my yarns must be exempt from that theory, so my niece did not receive this for her first birthday. Perhaps it will make a nice blanket for the Emma Doba.

I've had a sore throat for two weeks and now I think I've caught Jeff's bronchitis. I've been diffusing this Aura Cacia oil today in the hopes that I'll be able to breathe again by tonight:

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The little dude on the right? That's Pi Yao/Pi Xiu. According to the art of Feng Shui, he will protect me - a Snake in the Chinese astrological calendar - from the Grand Duke Jupiter (Tai Sui), who is in conflict with Snakes this year. Here is my fortune for the year:

The snake conflicts the Tai Sui in 2007. It means the snake confronts the Tai Sui directly from the opposite direction like in "wrestling position" with the Tai Sui. No one can win the Tai Sui because he will be the victorious wrestler of the year. This kind of energy conflict is the fiercest of all. Problems associated to such a disagreement are for example the death of a loved family member, accidents, injuries, death, hospitalization, money loss, bankruptcy, demotion and losing a job. There will also be possible changes in the love relationship, therefore one has to exercise caution. Therefore, the snake should consider donating their blood and doing more charity in 2007. The worst months are the lunar 4th month and 10th month. During these months, the snake will lose in every area of their life. The best is to travel far away on holiday during those months.


Other horror-scopes I've seen indicate severe problems after moving into a new home or when undertaking renovations. We had an incredible spate of bad luck when we moved into our new (old) house. We went from being on top of the world to having huge problems in every area of our lives. Then I learned about the Grand Duke not liking Snakes this year, and that little Pi Yao might help. I got three.

Well, with the installation of the Pi Yaos, hanging the Tibetan prayer flags, burning lots of incense (perhaps that's why we have bronchitis?), and a lot of positive thoughts, things have turned around.

By the way, has anyone not heard about The Secret yet? Three people recommended it to me in 24 hours. It's a lot I'd known and practiced during my life, but I'd gotten out of the habit, so it was a great reminder.

I'm not one to believe in the power of "lucky charms" but I do believe in the power of our thoughts, and I like having symbolic things around that remind me to focus on the positive things in life and maintain a sense of gratitude in all circumstances.