29 January 2010

When contrived motivation fails...

... go for caustic wit:

Available from ScreamPrinting on Etsy (used with permission).

Can't tell you how much I love this.

24 January 2010

In Training

Ravelympics 2010

If anyone is inclined to participate, Michelle and I have joined the Ravelry Small Shawl Lovers group's "TeamWrapAroundEwe" for the Ravelympics next month.

Since we are making small shawl wraps/"shawlettes," our events will be LaceLuge and ShortRunShawl (unless they add more which would also apply).

I never understood the Ravelympics before, but apparently what happens is that you...

1) Join a team; you can join many teams and do many projects, but a completed project will only count as a "win" for ONE team. Your project, entered for one team, CAN count for multiple "event" categories (i.e., lace, shawls, etc.);

2) Enter your project info on a new Ravelry Project Page; using Team, Ravelympic, and Event tags so that Ravelry can magically "see" your project and apply it to the proper Team. These tags will be made available by Casey automatically when the games begin, on your Project Page, triggered by tagging "ravelympics2010" there;

3) Don't cast on until the opening ceremony;

4) Knit/crochet/spin furiously while watching the Olympics on TV;

5) Complete your project and mark finished on its Ravelry project page;

7) Get a "medal" to put on your blog!

It's all "calculated" automatically at Ravelry by the tags you assign to your project when starting it. The tags are what are most important - they "register" your project as participating in the games.

Hope that makes sense. Took me forever to figure it out!

Here is a Ravelry link, if you'd like to join our particular group and team:


And here are the official Ravelympics 2010 rules:


In Training

I'm warming up my needles by working on this Ishbel in Malabrigo Laceweight ("Ravelry Red" colorway - how appropriate!) I'm doing the size large stockinette section and the size small lace section; I've read on Ravelry that I ought to be able to complete this with a single skein of yarn. Luckily, I have a second skein, just in case.

Good thing I'm in training as I made a big, fat mistake on this project while visiting with Michelle last week. See how the centerline veers by the needles there? Oops. And it's not even difficult at this point! We were having too much fun chatting, methinks... But she was doing the lace border on Aestlight - I can't even imagine doing that in a silent room, much less while having coffee at Mickey D's!

Terri just finished her Ishbel - isn't it lovely? Be sure to take a peek at Sabrina and Apollo, her beautiful dogs!

To cross-train, I'm crocheting a hexagon afghan in Blue Sky Alpaca's dyed cotton - SO soft (and thick, which is great for instant gratification-minded crafters like myself...)

The inspiration is from Lucy at the Attic24 blog - I love love love her color sense! I hope to have my craft loft looking like her home one day. Color is so inspiring and healing... and I don't get enough of it here in the winter hinterlands. Check her out and I bet you'll say, "I love Lucy!" too.

The dogs are so pleased to have their new giant run. Some days, when it warms above 30° or so, they refuse to come in when called. I've stopped calling them, as I don't want to train them to ignore me when I can't "enforce" a command (and believe me, I'm not about to go chasing them over an acre of snowy, rutted pasture!) So I just wait patiently until they've gotten all the "piss and vinegar" out of their systems, and then reward them with a treat and a cheerful "Come!" when they finally scratch on the door to collapse on their poofs.

Somehow, I think I'm the one being trained...

After tackling the last-minute packing (in a house with no heat, and then no electricity), moving stuff to the new house, missing the holidays completely, not having the dog run installed pre-move, dealing with winter chores while Chef Jeff spent a week in New Orleans for work, and tearing something in my knee slipping on the post-firefighting-hose-water ice, I'm a tiny bit worn out. Getting the new seed catalogs in the mail isn't helping my cabin fever! So here's hoping for a colorful, early Spring! I have my eye on a "Bubblegum Plum" tree to order...

"Mama, can I go outside to play again?"