23 January 2009

Spay Day 2009!

Hey! Help the Tuppinz pups support Spay and Neuter Day 2009!

Kary entered her boy, Diesel, and I've entered Emma & Molly, and we're having a friendly fundraising contest.

But I also supported Bella, and we think she deserves a ton of votes... won't you donate in her name? That little girl really deserves some donations to be made in her name!

Please spay and neuter your pets, and please support your local shelter - they need your help now more than ever.

Yay for "recycled" pets!

19 January 2009

Some mindless fun after a very stressful day.

Create your own, from words on your blog, at Wordle.

15 January 2009

A Winter Feast For The Soul

A global meditation begins today - would you like to join it?


It's ok to start late, too. ;)

13 January 2009

January 13, 9:45 a.m.

Click for big. That's F, and it is not wind chill.

Chef Jeff put extra bales of straw in the goats' barn yesterday, and the chickens are locked in their coop with the geese and ducks for extra warmth. There are also heat lamps in both areas. But I'm seriously wondering if the donkeys need coats...

05 January 2009

Daily Gratitude

Airing bed pillows and my thick Gjestal sweater out on the hard-crusted snow, in the sunshine (current temp - 15°F). Fresh!

Wikipedia. I love Wikipedia. It's not perfect, but it's pretty darn good. If you use it, too, won't you consider making a donation?

Wikipedia Affiliate Button


Someone got into a skein of Claudia Handpaint this morning. Instead of spending my only free hour knitting, I will be spending it untangling. Sigh.

03 January 2009

Daily Gratitude

A diamond-shaped wood splitting maul that will help us finally be able to chop the wood in the woodpile so that it actually fits in our small fireplace.

A husband who takes over splitting wood after I've had my three test whacks. The splitter works great. My bad shoulder, not so much...

A full wood holder by the back door.

Aromaleigh mineral makeup sending out inexpensive trial packets (with no shipping charges) so I can play around and see what actually works with my skin tone (please excuse the rare and icky photo of my tired-looking, winter-weary, test-makeup face with no foundation.)
The generous samples are enough for several uses. If you have trouble matching your skin tone, see their "linen" foundation shades.

A husband who believes the dogs value his cheffing skills as much as anyone; Molly is waiting impatiently for her venison tenderloin and brown rice dinner on a fancy plate for New Year's:

Dogs that play together so nicely but pretend to be fierce, making "WAAH WAAH WAAH!" noises while gnashing teeth that somehow never actually touch:

New yoga DVD#1 (with meditation talk by the Dalai Lama).


A favorite meal of ours is one consisting of zakuski - a Russian word for appetizers. Chef Jeff prepared a zakuski meal for New Year's.

It was accompanied by my plum pudding (a/k/a flaming booze cake) which I'd prepared back in November, as is traditional.

It was also accompanied by vodka (traditional) and Scandinavian berry liqueurs (a new tradition).

К здоровью! *

* To health!


Finished keyhole scarf (one skein of Inka yarn).

01 January 2009

Daily Gratitude

Still day with snow on the ground and a cloudy sky, peaceful and quiet.

Cheerful pitter-patter of paws on wood floors.

Clean kitchen.

Hockey on TV keeping someone (else) busy and contented.

FREE Metta yoga practice from YogaDownload.com... not that I could actually do it, but it was great to listen to while doing my own simple practice. You could just sit and breathe while listening and still get a lot out of it!


Drops scarf; "Inka" yarn from Yellow Dog Knitting.