09 July 2007

Feast Thine Eyes...

This gorgeous piece of loveliness is a custom-carved and -painted Golding RingSpindle featuring a vintage, signed Michaela Frey bangle as the ring.

Michaela Frey Wien of Austria is a leader in distinctive enamel art jewelry. The company’s jewelry has been recognized by some of the foremost art institutions in the world, including the Louvre in Paris and the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. In 1989, the company received the right to print the Austrian national emblem next to its name, the country’s highest art distinction. Michaela Frey, who founded the company in 1951, died in 1980.*

Tom let me see the bangle, and I asked him to use his artistic sensibilities for the whorl and to surprise me with the design. The beautiful roses on the top were based on the enamelled ones on the bangle. Look at the detailed carving of the leaf edges!

It is just wonderful, and I am thrilled with it.

Tom tells me he has a few more bangles left...