04 November 2009

Mitten Class!

Yay, my mitten class at Yellow Dog Knitting is tomorrow! Any locals care to join me? Just call the shop at 839-7272 and I'm sure they'll reserve a spot for you. I am really excited to make some wool mittens with soft alpaca liners. Here is the yarn I've chosen.

Miss Molly was a doctor for Halloween. She was so humiliated that she refused to look at the camera. (Nah, she was really a good girl. We just dressed her up for the photo op - didn't want to freak her out by taking her to the vet for trick or treating!)

So, anyone else get sucked in by V? Between that, Eastwick (on tonight - yay!), and Dollhouse, I should be getting in some good knitting time (which will hopefully make up for the brain cells I'll be losing). At least the current series of Masterpiece Contemporary is addictive as well. I hope that watching it on PBS will ease my conscience about too much TV time. Andreas Viestad is on again in reruns as well - awesome. We love his recipes.

Since the big switch to digital TV, we lost our CBS station. Our flimsy antenna has been broken in assorted walk-by accidents, so now every time we want to watch something, it's a matter of lifting what's left of the asymmetrical rabbit ear up in the air above our heads and moving around as if running a metal detector upside-down over the ceiling. Once a program is tuned in, nobody can move anywhere in the house until the TV show is over; if a person or a pup passes by the TV (even walks over it upstairs), we get snow.

I have a feeling (and a hope) that TV and cell phone reception will be much improved in the new house, as it's up high on a hill. I also have a feeling that the bad juju in this house may have a lot to do with electromagnetic energy!

Comment entries are now closed for the Yellow Dog Knitting tote bag - and Dixie kindly gave me another to give away! So I will be choosing TWO winners and will let you know who they are in my next entry!

Have a wonderful evening, and do some Sudoku or something to make up for any TV watching you may be doing along with me. ;) It'll be our little secret. Along with my current nail polish obsession... what's your guilty addiction?

Ooo, I hear Andreas talking about lingonberries and caviar (NOT together) - got to run while the reception is good!


Lael said...

Well, we're guilty of having the TV on almost constantly here - Dr Who, NCIS, Bones, Castle, news, weather, sports - but there was nothing decent on tonight, so we watched part of the first season of Benson - saw the DVD at the library and Nicholas is loving it. Filmed about 20 years before he was born, so I'm sure he finds humor in the "old-fashionedness" of it, but I like the older sitcoms - all so "G" rated!

Let's see - I don't think I've owned nail polish since high school - most of my guilty pleasures are either food or fiber (as in yarn, roving, etc) related - I do love my garlic stuffed green olives - but they must be Mezzetta's - I'll think I'll go have a couple and then off to bed for me! Good night!

Denise said...

Molly is cute in her scrubs! The idea of taking pups trick or treating cracks me up - I can imagine people having two bowls by the front door, one for the kids and one for the canines. ;-D

Dollhouse is quirky/fun, not so interested in V and haven't seen Eastwick. Will check listings...

Pics! Pics! Pics! Want to see the sock from your YDK class. ;)