13 October 2009

Of Interest To Goatie Folks; House Progress

Shepherd's Notebook posted about a new site that discusses treatment for CL in goats.

This will be of interest to goat keepers, particularly those on hobby farms who have come across their pet goats at auctions, from unscrupulous breeders, or as rescues (hint: if you anticipate having a meat or dairy herd, do buy the very best stock you can afford, from a qualified breeder with a proven history of maintaining a closed, healthy herd.)

The website mentioned, CLGoatCare.org, can be found here.

The "top" for the new house arrived today (first and second floors, above the cement basement which was finished last week). It's already up - more is completed than even these photos show! Amazing.

They also filmed a commercial for Wausau Homes here today as the construction was going on.

I do hope the crew was paying attention to their hammers and nails, and not how they were looking on camera! ;)


mlanezoo said...

So, did you put on your newly refurbished Birkies and go pose for the camera? :)

midj said...

Wow! Who knew you could build a house like that. Too cool. Congratulations on the new house. Looks like you'll be snug and warm this winter...

~~Mary, from the original Spindlers' list, in North Central FL, where I wish it would get below the low 90's so we could enjoy fall...~~