14 August 2010

Never Too Late For Old Dogs

I have always wanted to learn to paint with watercolors.

Thanks to the miracle of the Internet (how much do we take it for granted??? Thanks be for the Internet!) I am finally able to take classes in my own home, on my own time (which is a blessing, since the only time I seem to be able to do art is usually at 1 a.m.!)

Behold the result of Week One of Laure Ferlita's Artful Journaling - Foundations class:

It's a piece of watermelon on a square plate... in case you can't tell. ;) You can embiggen it but it's probably better if you don't. ;)

I know there are lots of imperfections, and I'm ok with them. I know how to do better next time. One of the best lessons from Laure's class applies not only to art, but to life: if we learn from our mistakes, they weren't a waste of time.

I learned a lot about reflected colors in shadows, and blending colors from just three primaries, and contour drawing (and to pay better attention while doing it!)... and I had a great time getting out of my head and into the Zen zone for a little while.

I recently had a wake-up call concerning my vision, which gave me the impetus to sign up for the class (which is great, BTW). Is there anything you've always wanted to do, but haven't? Don't wait for a wake-up call... in the words of Nike, Just Do It!


Dawn Dutton said...

awesome painting Stasia.. way to goooooooo!

yellowdogknitting said...

Looks good enough to eat!! You're making me hungry.

Denise said...

Your watermelon looks perfect to me! I love watercolors yet have never had the nerve to give painting a try. Glad you're having fun with it and have found a learning format that works for you.

Robin said...

I just connected the dots! I've followed your blog for knitting for a long time and just discovered you're taking Laure's class, too! Small world.

Julie said...

cute.. hey - in regards to your more recent post... what do you do with all those guinea's?