13 November 2007

Going Out In A Blaze Of Glory

Jeff walking Molly back up from the mailbox.

Oak tree.

Chicken brooder house.

Another view of the chicken coop.

Mini donkeys Eli and Jazz.

Our road curving away to the south, by the birch copse.

Hermione and Dexter's kids, Sitka and Sequoia, now one month old.

Dexter arrived at our farm yesterday, along with Flower's daughter, Pansy, and we're glad to have them reunited with their families. They're all Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats (not pygmy goats, which are a meat breed).

The kids venturing out into the "Big Goats' Pasture" for the first time.

The Jacob sheep aren't lambs any longer - one and a half years old now. They'll probably be bred next year if Jeff can find a six-horned ram.

Jeff playing with Bordeaux (half Boer, half Alpine) and Frodo (mini-Nubian).

Jeff in conversation with one of our Quail Belgian D'Anver (or Antwerp Belgian) chickens.

Jeff has spent the last two months installing fencing around the five-acre sheep and donkey pasture. Thanks for the help, James!

Jeff is scheduled for knee surgery this Wednesday and was just diagnosed with sacroiliitis today. Good thing we went ahead and had that extra yard hydrant installed down by the sheep, because I'll have water duty for a while. Moral of the story: just because you can do something doesn't mean you should do it... especially if you are nearing 40.

The old "long barn" - it used to house pigs and hens on the lower level, which is lovely inside and has lots of light and separate rooms. The pigs used to come out little "dog doors" into a cement yard that has since crumbled.

Sadly, the foundation has gone and the building won't be around much longer. A friend may "rescue" the top half for his own farm. Right now, it houses my wool stash, my looms, and my goat cart/sleigh. It was built sometime in the 40s.

Maple tree.

Max and AnnieYoda keeping warm. They have become great pals. Bottle-baby Yoda gets along with everyone. She can frequently be found riding on our shoulders like an owl. Speaking of owls...

Screech owl taking up winter residence in a hollow tree near the house.

The first snow of 2007.

AnnieYoda, cozy by the fire.

Current knitting: Malabrigo Pop-Top Mittens and matching scarf designed by Cindi Moist of Yellow Dog Knitting.

I think I'll be needing these soon.

Sorry about the formatting being all askew; I don't understand "floats" and I'm going to re-format for my next post (I hope).


Beth said...

I just love the picture of Max and Yoda snuggling. The brief times I had two cats at the same time, they never really got attached to each other. They were companionable but not really close.

keri said...

The leaves turning are just gorgeous!

Sending positive thoughts to Jeff, hope the surgery goes good!

Denise in Kent, WA said...

Thanks for the photo tour! (You're right, that shed in the sheep pasture is much bigger than I remembered. Oh, and in my head: "long barn" = "pig barn". I think I have it all straight now!LOL)

The fall colors are amazing, and Hermione's kids are darling. I still want to kidnap Annie/Yoda, but Max would miss her too much and I couldn't stand the guilt...

Denise in Kent, WA said...

P.S. You say "nearing 40" as if that's OLD. Ahem! Would you care to rephrase that remark? (wink)

claudia said...

Best wishes to the man on the surgery. Hope all goes well!

quiltparalegal said...

If I would have known Cindi was coming a couple of weeks ago, I would have hopped in the car and come too!!! Everything looks so peaceful out your way.

Best wishes to Jeff for a successful surgery and speedy recovery. Also, try to take care of yourself Stas and not overdue!!!

Kary said...

when can I come? and you KNOW I'll bring the wine!

Dixie said...

Okay . . . you need a barn to house your stash!?! I thought so!!!!! I'm sorry I missed the farm visit. Everybody seems to be healthy again (for now) knock on wool! Hopefully I can get a raincheck on the visit.

Pamela said...

You got snow already? I am so jealous. All we've had is one hard frost, which is not the same at all. No wonder Annie and Yoda were cosied up to the fire, brrrrr.

jessie said...

Cute animals! My husband wants miniature donkeys even though we already have plenty of non-productive animals around here. Are they fun?

Dawn H said...

What a beautiful fall at the farm! Love your donkeys! =)