13 May 2010

Our Home Stars In Commercial

Our house is in a commercial for Wausau Homes! You can see it being built behind the president as he delivers his message; near the end you can even glimpse our historic dairy barn. I wish I could get a DVD of this - I can't download it from their site. :(

To see it, click here and then on "play video!"


Pamela said...

I was able to download it okay.

Dawn Dutton said...

How cool is this... I'll watch it right now.. have a great day! The sun is out! yeah!

wollert said...

I will make sure a DVD copy gets sent to you this week. You should post a picture for all of us who saw the beiginning of your house but not the finished product.

Tom Woller
Wausau Homes Inc.

mlanezoo said...

Cool beans! How come they didn't interview you?! :)