23 February 2010

One Down...

My first Ravelympics project is finished - here is Emma modeling Ishbel:

Pattern: Ishbel (I must be the last knitter on the planet to have done this!)
Yarn: Malabrigo Laceweight, "Ravelry Red," from The Loopy Ewe
Modifications: did size L stockinette portion, and size S lace repeates (ABACDE). Had to fudge some stitch counts but it all worked out in the end.

I scored an hibiscus plant at the grocery store yesterday, and awoke to a bloom this morning:

That'll certainly help see me through to Spring!

The roosters are already feeling the change in daylight hours - one lured a hen up to the goat barn last night. The others are sizing each other up in the coop, raising their "manes" until they look like umbrella-heads in order to intimidate one another and impress the females. Our three largest - Golden Laced Wyandottes - are big babies and stay on their roosting perches and out of the fray... which is unfortunate, as they're the ones we want to win over the girls!

Off to knit on Ravelympics project two, Traveling Woman... Have a wonderful day!


Dawn Dutton said...

Nope Stasia your not the last one to knit this one! That would be me. Yours is beautiful. Good job!

Terri said...

Ishbel is gorgeous! And Emma models it with savoir faire!