30 November 2009

The Mitten Mistake

I missed the final mitten class at Yellow Dog Knitting because I thought I was coming down with something, and didn't want to spread it to the nice people there (it turned out to be nothing...)

I thought it would be a piece of cake to do the liners for Cindi's lined mitten pattern; she showed me her samples and gave me the gist of the procedure. So I was off and running this weekend with some apple green Garnstudio Alpaca, doubled.

Just pick up the first purl round after the cuff, and knit another mitten for the inside! No problem!

Fools rush in...

I turned the cuff the wrong way when I picked up the purl bumps (it should be folded to the OUTSIDE of the mitten; I'd turned the mitten inside-out first. Ack.)

The only way to get it to act as a lining was to turn the whole thing inside-out on itself through the thumb hole - and look what that does: makes the lining purl-side-out.

I am spatially challenged; that much is clear.

Let's get this straight. If you want to make a liner for your mitten, hold a mitten up, normal side out. Fold the cuff to the outside of the mitten. Pick up and knit the purl bumps, on the interior of the mitten, at the point where your cuff ends and the interior mitten hand begins. Knit a new mitten, away from the exterior mitten. When it is complete, tuck it inside the first mitten. The knit stitches of the liner will be against your palm. :)

Let's turn away and look at something else, shall we?

Here's our little tripod, Delilah, snoozing away in the afternoon sun.

Please note: Delilah is a mini LaMancha goat. LaMancha goats are usually born without exterior ears. She did not lose ears (or her missing leg) to frostbite. Delilah sleeps in a straw-filled, snug barn which even has a heat lamp for particularly chilly days. :D

Hope your day is as relaxing and peaceful as hers!


Dawn Dutton said...

Stasia! that mitten talk has me all wore out just listening to that. No mittens for me.. I'll pay one of my "good" friends to make me a pair... yikes....

Enjay said...

I must point out that while you had some issues you were on the ball enough that the thumb is on the correct side. Go you! :)