31 May 2009

Out and About

Delilah is doing so well that she has re-joined her herd!

Dexter and the Tulip Family (Samson, Mama Tulip, Delilah)

She's been out to graze with her family, and now everyone's back in the loafing area, chewing their cuds and soaking up the sun.

Pippin on platform; Delilah on far lower right.

That one above is worth bigifying to see Pippin's yawn.

I am amazed at Delilah's resilience and strength... and tolerance of us sticking her with needles twice a day. She gets a chewable Vitamin C as a reward (and to give her stressed immune system a boost).

Go, Delilah!


mlanezoo said...

Yay! You go girl!!

Pamela said...

Yaaaay Delilah, great to see her looking so well.

Denise said...

What amazing resilience! Way to go, Delilah.

P.S. Pippin's yawn is a hoot. It looks like he's giving a speech to the rest of the goats. LOL

Julie said...

Good for her. I hate it when one of our animals is down.

Dawn Dutton said...

HI Stasia,
How is Delilah doing these days? Pretty quiet from up your way. Hope all is well with you. See you on Sat. Dawn