17 July 2008

A Day At The Donkey Spa

Well, hello, naaaaay-bor! Tikki here, to tell you about my day at the donkey spa! It's time for my eight-week pedicure, and I thought I'd tell you how it's done.

As you can see, my footsies are not exactly ready for sandal weather. Time for a little trim...

This here's my good buddy Kyle. He's my pedicurist today. Here he's using a big toenail clipper to cut back my overgrown hooves. Doesn't hurt one bit.

See? It just comes off like your fingernail when you clip it. I just looooove Kyle's pedicure stand - I just relax my leg on it and it's no trouble at all for me to keep it still while he works away.

Next, Kyle takes this little shaver and makes my footbed all smooth and even.

Here Kyle is filing to bevel the edges of my tootsies. He has taken my heels down to relieve pressure on my toes - ahhhhhhhh.

Just look at that file go! Kyle is really fast.

This is what a perfect donkey pedicure should look like. See my old toenail in back?

High heels aren't good for ladies, and they're not good for horses, either. My feet look just like a wild mustang's - low, healthy, and sound.

Aren't I puuurty? This is called a barefoot trim.

That Eli youngster, he takes pedicure day very seriously. See how good he's trying to be?

His little hooves are tiny - nothing like mine!

Kyle's pa, Scott, takes care of Jazz's feet. She told me that she had some problems when she came here to live, but that Scott was very patient and kind and fixed her feet right up. I'm glad we have such nice pedicurists. In donkey talk, they are known as farriers.

The best part about spa day? The ear massage...


Y'all can find a barefoot practitioner in your area by visiting this site.


Denise in Kent, WA said...

What an expression of bliss on Tikki's face! Priceless.

Ilix said...

That is a great post. Love the pics!

Kary said...

thanks for sharing, Stas! LOVE the photo of Tikki's ear scratches!! Truly precious!

Patty said...

I'm off to call the farrier, I mean the pedicurist right now! Thanks for such a fun post!

BumbleVee said...

with ears that big, not wonder you like an ear massage! ....

your farriers look like fun guys to know....