06 October 2007

Yee-Ha! Or Is That Hee-Haw!?

Here's the big news!

Jasmine ("Jazz") and her foal Eli have come to Tuppinz Farm!

We'd been interested in donkeys as pasture alarms for the sheep for some time, but couldn't find any small ones (small sheep and small fences equal a need for small donkeys. We tried a friend's alert llama, but he just stepped over our E'Nets, so llama went back home to mama.)

But when these two became available very near to us, we knew that it was providential.

They could not be better pasture companion. Judging from the echoes that resound from the nearby hills when Jazz brays, we'll be kept informed of any nighttime predator activity tout de suite.

Best of all, they love to be hugged and kissed. Our kind of livestock, for sure.

The goaties are too busy fattening up for winter to be jealous. (Hermione, the orange and white doe on the right, is really fat, as she is due to deliver next week!)

The guinea fowl are all grown up. Here they are stopping to investigate the pumpkin display as they go about their tick-munching rounds (go, guineas!!!)

Fall is here in her full glory. I'd love to paint this scene with my new watercolors... but at present I'm too busy shoveling donkey poop.

Have a beautiful day!


Sheknits said...

Thanks so much for commenting on my blog. I can't believe your life (from peeking at your blog) it is so very different then anyone I know. YOu seem to have a joy about you ...I can feel it though your words.
Stay well-

Pamela said...

Congrats on your new donkeys. I love the pumpkins up your steps :)

Beth said...

The donkeys are perfect! I love them - it looks like they fit in just fine.

Valerie said...

That is a "Great Lakes" sky if I've ever seen one. I grew up in Pennsylvania and we didn't have those blankets of low hanging clouds and that kind of coloration. After 30 years in Michigan, I know that sky well.
Thanks for sharing. Enjoy the donkeys!

Kary said...

Absolutely wonderful Stas ... tell Jeff I am moving in with Deezy! WhEEEEEE!

Denise in Kent, WA said...

Fabulous post, Stas! Loved seeing all the new pictures. Kary, how does Diesel feel about cats? Maybe we could find a nearby farm for sale and start our own co-op. ;-)

quiltparalegal said...

Love the new critters - Is Hermione's new kid going to have a "Harry Potter" name? Gorgeous picture of the rolling road thru your hills!

quiltparalegal said...

Check out the "donkey lambs" over on Habetrot - good timing!

quiltparalegal said...
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quiltparalegal said...


check out the critter over here too!

quiltparalegal said...

the last part of the URL should be index.html - it keeps chopping off when I post

Nanette said...

Donkeys??? Okay now I'm really jealous. I think I would love having donkeys around as much as rabbits! Both Jasmine and Eli are adorable.