04 April 2007

Not Fiberarts, But Fuzzy!

Thanks to the Fabulous Nan, we now have photos again. However, I'm trying something new and posting pics from my Flickr account. Please let me know if there are any problems.

Meanwhile, Tuppinz Farm is pleased to introduce... Molly Pipsqueak!

We were worried that Emma, our nine-month-old rescued Doberman pup, was getting a bit too big and bouncy for our older dogs. Our vet thought it could be a good idea that Emma have a playmate her own size and energy level. We figured, in for a penny, in for a pound, right?

We were pre-approved for adoption over the internet, so Emma went to the Humane Society and "interviewed" some dogs. We let her choose because we weren't too concerned what breed(s) a pal was, as long as it wouldn’t challenge Emma’s authority; she's a pretty assertive dog who requires a lot of training, and we didn't want any "moving up the totem pole" scraps with siblings later on.

The humane society counselor brought them out, one by one, selecting them himself according to how he thought they’d “go” with Emma, and without us seeing them in advance. Emma met a German Shepherd, a Coonhound mix, an American Staffordshire Terrier or Pit Bull (very cute), and some others. All were about a year old.

The dogs all got along well enough with Em and she with them, but nothing really clicked, so I said, “Thanks anyway,” and was going to leave. But the counselor said, “You know, we have some younger ones, would you mind trying her with one of those?”

As soon as Emma saw this little girl, and she saw Emma, sparks flew. They ran up to each other, and it was love at first sight. Emma has grown up overnight and now is very interested in “her” puppy, and is busy teaching Molly how to play appropriately, and distracting her from things she’s not supposed to do (which Emma would do herself the day before!) They keep each other active and then they are out like lights, so it works out perfectly.

When we took Molly to the vet for her first check-up, Emma watched the pup the whole time she was up on the table to make sure the vet didn’t hurt her. The girls are always side-by-side, whether playing or sleeping. The other dogs like the pup a lot, too, and she respects them.

Poor Molly had to go out so frequently that we knew something must not be right, and sure enough, the vet found a bladder infection. Now that she is on antibiotics, she (and we) can sleep through the night without frequent potty trips. At least the smart little girl knew to ask to go!

Molly is about 16 weeks old and weighs 24 lbs. (Emma is 67 lbs. now.) Molly was a stray when she was brought to the shelter at just 12 weeks old. We think she may be a Black Lab/Husky and possibly Border Collie mix – our vet practiced for many years in Alaska and she says Molly looks just like a sled dog pup. She is smart and very obedient - very willing to learn and please (unlike her rather obstinate older sister). Molly certainly has a voice and she yodels and “talks” a lot which is quite amusing.

Tori and Val are very happy that Emma is not trying to get them to play tug-of-war all day long. I think Emma is just too smart for her own good, and needed “a job” to do. We’ve always commented on how watchful and attentive she is - well, now she has something to watch over, and she is just loving it!

Molly is apparently very comfortable in her new home, as her ultra-relaxed napping posture seems to indicate. Her new Lupine collar (and Emma's, on which we constantly get compliments) is from Hugs For Homeless Animals - every collar, leash, or harness you purchase helps support their efforts.

And now I must dash... it's puppy playtime!


Beth said...

Welcome Miss Molly! Looks like a match made in heaven. Emma picked well. :)

artyfartykat said...

What a cute puppy! A welcome addition to the family. We have a black lab, who yodels, sings and talks to us,so perhaps there is a bit of lab in there!! I love rading your blog!

claudia said...

Those doggies are just the cutest.

quiltparalegal said...

Oh, Stas - the new addition is just so cute!!! Has Molly been introduced to the rest of the menagerie? Hope everyone is "braving" this really frigid weather - I suppose the animals prefer the hard ground as opposed to the soggy wet we had last week!

Sue from Eau Claire

Auntie Noo said...

Thanks for the links to the photos - they do look alike don't they?! - I don't shave Spot, but she is a working bred dog so quite a bit less fluffy! (although having just spent an hour in the garden brushing her I'm not sure - not sure my carpets would agree either!). Your new one looks cute!

acrylik said...

Oh, Molly is absolutely adorable! Sounds like her and Emma are just perfect together, that's wonderful.

Nicole said...

Such a beautiful puppy. Good thinking, too... it's amazing how many animal problems you can solve just by thinking about it from their perspective.

Kary said...

HugZ Molly - HugZ Emma - and to you too Stas ... for bringing Emma to interview the dogs! WhEEE!

carolyn said...

Wonderful that another dog has a happy home and playmate.

Stephanie said...

They are adorable together! I'm so glad to see you going about adopting a new animal the right way - I think it wouldn't occur to most people to have the other dog "interview" the prospective new dogs.

About the shawl & the Hand Maiden yarn. I have two skeins which will supposedly be enough. I'm almost through the first chart and still have at least at third of the first skien left. But you are the second person to ask me how much yarn I have so now I am feeling paranoid!!

quiltparalegal said...

Ok, Stas - time for an update - we want to see the critters!!