23 April 2009

Who's this fuzzy face?

We are officially a four-donkey family! Meet Rocky Mountain Songbirds Ty-Dyed Champ:

Currently, Tikki won't let him near Jazz and Eli... or her hay pile. But things are actually working out well and in a day or two they will all be fast friends.

Champ is a nine-year-old gelding who comes to us from the nice folks at Dixdlor Ranch here in Wisconsin. He was born here and the photo on that web page is in fact Champ himself!

Eli's wondering if we'll still love him. Silly boy!

Spring is almost here at Tuppinz Farm. The sun sometimes feels warm, the grass is starting to green up, and we're having lovely evenings before the nighttime temps drop back down to freezing.

This guinea bird is doing his evening predator scan and calling the others back to the roost.

My seedlings are doing well in their indoor greenhouse. Tonight we are getting a truckload of soil for our new veggie garden bed. This weekend, we'll get the cold frame set up and the beds made. We'll plant around May 15th.

I have some wonderful seed potatoes from Seeds Of Change and I'm going to try this super easy method of planting them.

Hope things are green in your part of the world!


claudia said...

What a cute furry face that is!

Stephanie said...

He's adorable!

Denise said...

Great pics, as usual. Champ is a handsome devil, isn't he? The guinea hen makes an interesting weather vane. ;)

Can't wait to hear how the potato experiment works out. Growing potatoes is fun! Your way sounds soooo much easier than the conventional method.

quiltparalegal said...

Champ is so sweet and handsome. I can't wait to see him!

Patty said...

He's so cute! And your pictures, as always, are stunning.

Kary said...

aw - Stas! I LOVE him too!

mlanezoo said...

I just sent you an email asking how you are going to do your taters. Now I know! Looks super easy!!

Can't wait to meet Champ!

laura said...

Can my border collie puppy come and play with them?

Beautiful photos, thanks for posting.

And yes, it is already green in San Diego and rapidly on its way to brown!

Dawn Dutton said...

As you know we had a lovely day here in Wisconsin. So glad spring is here. I love your photos. Hopefully I will get to meet your animals one day soon. Have a super weekend. Dawn Dutton

Nannette said...

LOVE Champ's fuzzy wuzzy face! Hope he is settling in peacefully. *HUGS*

cyndy said...

What a great fuzzy face!

And what beautiful morning skies you have out there!

I hope your taters do better than ours did with the easy method. I think we added too much bedding. The plants grew just fine, but didn't flower until late into the season...resulting in poor yields. I live in zone 5a...150 day growing season...(Kentucky is much longer).
So we are back to digging our taters. (But those fingerlings are FINE!)

BClark said...

He is so cute, almost as cute as my goats,lol. Thank you for your visit and the information. I am for sure going to try the tater planting tip. I just happen to have a bunch of hay, and that method will be kind to my back. We have gotten pretty green and stuff is popping up all over the place. Thank you for sharing

BClark said...

Just stopping by to say Hi.
I planted lots and lots of potatoes, how very easy it was. Hopefully I will have a bumper crop.. Thank you again for sharing that super duper easy way to plant them.