01 January 2009

Daily Gratitude

Still day with snow on the ground and a cloudy sky, peaceful and quiet.

Cheerful pitter-patter of paws on wood floors.

Clean kitchen.

Hockey on TV keeping someone (else) busy and contented.

FREE Metta yoga practice from YogaDownload.com... not that I could actually do it, but it was great to listen to while doing my own simple practice. You could just sit and breathe while listening and still get a lot out of it!


Drops scarf; "Inka" yarn from Yellow Dog Knitting.


Pamela said...

That scarf looks very warm and snuggly.

Denise said...

I think the kitties look warm and snuggly, too! :)

cyndy said...

Happy New Year Stasia!

Lovely keyhole scarf--
and thanks for the yoga link!